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AMARU's "CHAMPAGNE ATTITUDE" is available on CD in two formats:

The Regular Commercial Edition (Full color digi-pack album with full color booklet)
The Special Collector's Edition (Printed on linen with full color booklet)

Both versions of the album can be purchased via
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A "track-by-track" breakdown should give you a better idea of AMARU's "CHAMPAGNE ATTITUDE".

01. I’ve Been Expecting You (Interlude)
A playful introduction to "Champagne Attitude".

02. I’m The One You Need
Heavy synthesizers combined with sultry vocals make for this up-tempo mix of Pop and R&B jam about unrequited love.

03. The Greatest Love (Interlude)
A romantic prelude to love and romance.

04. The One
Spoken word combined with harmonies, a neo-soul jam perfect for those beachy sunset moments with "the one".

05. Gentle Giant
Paying tribute to Prince, the very funky "Gentle Giant" is all about self esteem, coming of age,
anti-bullying and empowerment.

06. Champagne Attitude
The title track of the set is about people who think way too highly of themselves and in that pursuit of self importance look down on others. Very much inspired by "Black Cat" by Janet Jackson, "Poison" by Alice Cooper, Slash from "Guns ’n Roses"
and Lenny Kravitz

07. The Absence Of Your Presence (Interlude)
A befitting introduction to "Independence Day".

08. Independence Day
To feel free and liberated of feelings of discontent and guilt for not having had the luxury of growing up with a father.

09. Pa Mi Gente (For My People)
A dedication to Latin people, an homage to Latin culture. Appropriately sung in Spanish for you to get into
the Latin groove and dance your troubles away!

10. That’s The Way I Like It
A reggae tribute to Bob Marley and his native country Jamaica, a song about living your own life,
regardless of what people say or think about you.

11. Abundant Place (Interlude)
The abundance of social injustice, envy, homophobia, corruption and other atrocious acts
perpetrated by man, the laughter of a child providing a glimmer of hope yet…

12. Tell Me
Combining the Indian citar and durbuka with Western instruments make for a groovy
up-tempo song about social issues,
rap included!

13. Low On The Dough
Materialism, greed, adultry… and an empty wallet...
that’s what this high energy dance track is all about!

14. Clearly (Interlude)
Wisdom and knowledge come with time, that’s a fact.

15. Never
The first of two ballads on Amaru’s "Champagne Attitude", with honest and heartfelt lyrics,
dedicated to his maternal grandmother who planted the first seed musically.

16. I Got The Blues
The second ballad on the album, somewhat Bluesy, inspired by the great
B.B. King and Prince
, both exceptional (Blues) guitar players.

17. Bye Bye
Toxic relationships are not to be maintained!

18. Messiah
An inspirational Pop song about the importance of growing up and striking out on your own,
to not rely on others, to step outside of your comfort zone.

19. Joystick
AMARU goes RAP in this naughty yet fun 80’s Rap music inspired track!
Complete with some cryptic and suggestive lyrics for adults and naughty folks alike!

20. Pa’ Mi Gente (For My People) (Sazón Mix)



All songs (lyrics & melodies) written by AMARU

All vocals by AMARU

All vocal arrangements by AMARU

All music produced by AMARU & Marcel van Ling, except "The One",

music produced by G. Essenstam & AMARU, additional production by Marcel van Ling & AMARU

All songs recorded by Marcel van Ling at MoSound Productions (Zoetermeer, The Netherlands)

All songs mixed & mastered by Marcel van Ling at Audio Polish (Zoetermeer, The Netherlands

All songs published by AMARU Music Publishing (BUMA/STEMRA)

Art direction by AMARU

Sleeve & cover design by AMARU

Cover concept by AMARU

Styling by AMARU

Hair &  make-up by AMARU, Gracielle Owen, Tessa Giek

Photography by Gracielle Owen, Manú Santander, Michael Lambert

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