12 November 2021
AMARU is busy working on his second album. To get an impression of today's
recording session, click on
this link.

10 November 2021
AMARU received a Music Streaming Award for surpassing 20,000 streams
on Spotify for his single "
Tell Me (Radio Mix)".
Listen to the single on Spotify via
this link.
Watch the award winning music video via
this link.

23 September 2021

AMARU's "Artistic Nudes" photo series was exhibited at the Ospizio Giovani Artisti (OGA)
art (S)Exhibition in Rome, Italy.
Follow this link to see some of AMARU's exhibited photos.

AMARU - Music Streaming Awards.png

10 November 2021 - Portrait of a winner:
AMARU poses with his Music Streaming Award.